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We offer rebates on clean, well-marked and identified materials.
*Materials must be free of clips, metal and other contamination. There may be minimum volumes required to result in a rebate.
Can-Am may be able to accept heavily contaminated parts in some situations; there may be a charge associated with recycling of these materials.

good parts

There may be some specific requirements for these streams, please inquire. No contamination (ie. cross-polymer, cardboard, wood, metal, etc.)

Shipping any garbage/contaminated material will result in landfill charges (such as handling, shipping, and disposal.

Materials must be as per sample, pictures, or pre-approved. Materials that do not represent prior approval may be returned at the expense of the seller.

resign regrind

Materials Not Permitted:
• Waste or Hazardous Waste
• Curbside/Household Waste
• Cardboard
• Metal